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Welcome to Sands Showbiz

Step behind the curtain into the exclusive world of 'Sands Showbiz,' where the untold stories of Music and TV icons come to light in our podcast.


Hosted by myself Nigel Clarkson, a seasoned explorer of the entertainment industry, this podcast peels back the layers of celebrity to reveal the real stories beneath the spotlight.

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Whether you're a Music fanatic or a TV series addict, 'Sands Showbiz' has something for everyone.


Choose and click your passion and let the stories of your favourite artists and actors unfold.

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From chart-toppers to indie legends, explore the personal journeys behind the melodies.

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Get up close and personal with the actors and creators who bring your favorite TV shows to life.

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Presenters and Producers from the Radio Industry.

The nitty gritty behind the scenes chat

Latest Episodes

Meet Your Host: Nigel Clarkson

With over 30 years on the front lines of commercial radio, I, Nigel Clarkson — affectionately known as Nige to friends, brings a wealth of experience and curiosity.

I am the owner and host of Sands Showbiz Podcast and love chatting to the stars in the entertainment business over the years.


I love asking the questions that uncover the deepest truths of the entertainment world making Sands Showbiz a podcast well worth a listen.

The Eves


Scottish pop duo 'The Eves' are Caroline Gilmour and Marissa Keltie. 2024 looks like it's going to be the biggest year yet for The Eves.


The podcast is available on the 18th of March! > The Eves on YouTube <

Facebook & Twitter: @theevesmusic

Instagram: @theevesmusicuk

TikTok: @theevesmusic

Sean Smith


Artist. 1/2 of @thexfactor finalists Same Difference. Sean Smith's new song out: 'Feels Like Forever'

Multi-talented guy


> Sean's YouTube Channel <

Facebook & Twitter: @seansmithsolo

Instagram: @Seansmithsolo

TikTok: @seansmithsolo

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Sean Smith
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